Mamiko Okubo

Abstract artist based in Tokyo

I grew up in a land surrounded by the sea and mountains. My travels interacting with cultures in Europe and the Middle East and my past dynamic experience in the financial industry profoundly affected me and are reflected in my artwork. Nature, humanity, love and loss – all these sensations and much more form the soul of my creative passions.

Love the life you live,

Live the life you love.

I am inspired by natural phenomena and the natural world. I also put the spotlight on the momentary kinesthetic sensations that I experience in everyday life, such as joy, nostalgia, originality as well as the many contradictions that humans reveal. Texture, flow and color are also crucial elements in my artwork.


A recurrent theme permeating my artwork is the emotional reactions which can pull at the heartstrings and evoke a physical reaction like trembling. I strive to create harmonious abstract paintings that display a delicate boldness.